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At Clean Living we have been professionally cleaning hard wood floors for many years now. We have been expertly trained by Tilemaster and know exactly how to bring your floors back to life! Adding a fresh polish or dressing adds protection, enhancing and restoring a beautiful finish.


We will assist in assessing the condition of the floor and recommending the appropriate wood floor cleaning service. -Previously oiled wood floor can usually be lightly cleaned and re-freshed , where a deeper clean is required. Re-oiling will be necessary to provide full protection to your floors once again.


Not many people are aware, whilst hard wood floors are resilient,they will periodically require professional cleaning and maintenance to help protect from wear and enhance the appearance. If your wood floor surface has suffered complete wear to the seal and the floor surface is now unprotected, soiling will start to become ingrained in the wood. At this stage we will do our upmost best to get them looking like new again.We at Cleanliving provide expert knowledge and professional wood floor cleaning solutions for maintaining all hard wood floors!

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Before cleaning                   After cleaning

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